Optical Wavelength

Using our long-haul and Metro-DWDM network, Neide Telecom is able to provide P2P wavelength (10Gbps) for the national carriers, telecom operators and the international transit capacity-carriers customers. Protection can be provided inside our network and through totally diversified routes passing through our network which is already established through multiple routes with our international carrier's peers.

Ethernet Services:

As the technology trend is heading to the IP converged networks, Ethernet is becoming the transmission technology of choice for most of the customers. NT has built a state-of-the-art Metro NG-SDH Network in all the vital stations in Kurdistan to Deliver E2E Ethernet connectivity to the customers.

Backhauling services:

Fiber, DWDM, SDH and IP/MPLS Backbone, all together, form a multiservice ecosystem combining the reliability of the TDM multiplexing with the high intelligence and flexibility of the statistical multiplexing of the IP layer. This service represents a very feasible manner for all the local carriers and Mobile operators to backhaul their entire traffic on Neide Telecom's network, decreasing their Total Cost of ownership and OPEX while increasing their service footprint.

IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit):

NT has expanded its footprint to an international scope by installing NT managed POPs inside the main global Data Centers like Telehouse, AncoTel Data Centers and many other telecom-hotels around the world. NT offers E2E managed IPLC to the carriers, ISP and business customers who wants to enjoy the peace-of-mind of dealing with single global carrier with highly-qualified staff and next-generation NOC to provide proactive monitoring for their international circuits and deals with the multiple-carriers who carry the service on their network to ensure the maximum availability and reliability for their critical data.