Service Details:

Extend the huge capacity, reliability, high-availability and security associated with the fiber optics communication to your premises. With OFLL (Optical Fiber Local Loop) service a professional OSP and civil engineering team will handle all the civil work and fiber related technical work to attach your premises to our fiber backbone.

The implementation will be managed by a professional project management team dedicated to ensure that the work will be performed according to the international telecom-industry standards in a smooth and timely manner.

The service includes installing Optical Transmission Equipment at the customer premises site equipped with specific modules and ports according to the provided requirements by the customer and to be managed by our reliable NOC.

Maintenance and Support:

An annual maintenance and Support contract is offered with OFLL service to provide preventive and corrective maintenance to the OFLL infrastructure and the related components.

One year warranty for the Optical Transmission Equipment is provided as an integrated item with the OFLL Annual Maintenance and Support contract.

Depending on the service criticalness the customer can choose one of three SLAs (Service Level Agreement) offered with the annual support contract which mainly differs in the response time and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) for corrective maintenance.

Service Availability:

The Optical Fiber Local Loop (OFLL) service generally can be provided will depend on the technical availability, where the customer relation department will arrange with the OSP team to conduct a site survey to the customer premises.


OFLL service price varies according to the distance between the customer premises and our nearest POI (Point of Interconnect) to our fiber backbone.

Also, the customer can optionally ask to interconnect his premise to two diversified POIs to provide a higher level of fault-tolerance.

Please contact our wholesale Department for more information.